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Meal Packing:
At Lifeline's meal packing events, participants package a nutritious food that is shipped to Haiti and around the world where starvation and malnutrition are rampant.  Participants package, weigh, seal, and/or box up the finished product to prepare for shipment.  Young and the young-at-heart can work together!  Churches/groups/organizations donate or raise money to cover the cost of the food, bags, boxes, and shipping to the mission field.  How many meals can we package?  The number of meals packaged are determined by the number of volunteers, the length of time worked, and the total funds raised.  These three factors impact how many meals we can complete.  For example: one pallet of 14,000 meals takes about 50 people two hours to complete.  (20 pallets = one full container)  Approximately 300 meals can be packaged in two hours per participant.  

IMPORTANT:  This mission project is about more than money!  It will be a hands on experience as we have to do the work of packing the food!  Anyone who desires to help may come and help pack the food!  We will be establishing a schedule for packing as we move closer to our packing date.  It is going to bless people we have never met before.  It is going to make a difference in the lives of those who pray, share financially, and participate!

If God is leading you to give, make a check out to Lakeport Christian Church.  In the memo of the check write, "ABC".  Bring your change – pennies, nickels, dimes, & quarters add up.  Place your Change for Jesus in the jar on the table below the bulletin board.  Most of all... PRAY for this ministry!

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